Executive Protection

For a downloadable copy of our Executive Protection Brochure please CLICK HERE.

Archangel’s Executive Protection Division is comprised of specially trained personnel who have mastered protective operations. Additionally, our EP agents possess extensive investigative skills and resources which allow them to deploy countermeasures that ensure the security of all involved. Countermeasure efforts consist of the collection of protective intelligence about the logistics, environment and sites to be visited, also known as an Advance.

While many firms offer Advance assessments, at Archangel our Advances always include complete site surveys which provide an assessment for manpower, equipment, hospitals and evacuation routes for emergencies. Fire, rescue and other public service personnel in the community are put on notice without compromising the confidentiality of our client; we believe a good working relationship with all the private and public service entities involved is fundamental should the extremely rare critical situation ever arise.

All proper steps and measures are also taken to eliminate or reduce all risks including threats, hazards, confidentiality breaches and compromising situations, thus allowing us to establish a secure area for our principal. We will also take the additional steps to ensure that your travels or appearances don’t become a PR nightmare; as your silent professional we will work to mitigate embarrassing circumstances such as unsightly photos, unwelcome guests and more while under the care of our firm.

Lastly, a critical, yet often overlooked skill-set that our EP agents are evaluated on is their physical abilities, conditioning and overall fitness level. Archangel agents are required to pass a bi-yearly physical fitness course. This includes but are not limited to maintaining proper tactical techniques as well as timed course events that include shooting, evasive driving, running, swimming and refresher courses in paramedic training.

Our specialties include…

  • Executive Protection
  • Event Security
  • Secure Transportation
  • Consulting Embedded Security Services
  • Estate/Residential Security
  • On Site Paramedics & Emergency Response
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Investigations & Surveillance
  • In Depth Planning
  • Low Profile Execution
  • Threat Assessment
  • Surveillance Detection/Counter Surveillance
  • Site Advance/Logistics
  • 24-Hour Availability