Surveillance, Subrosa & Activity Checks









Subrosa. Definition: From the latin phrase, “under the rose”, meaning secretly, privately  and clandestine.  Subrosa is a term that was first used by the military to describe covert surveillance and the insurance industry has embraced this definition when investigating fraud and verifying questionable claims.

At Archangel Investigations, we understand the legal, technical and logistical obstacles and complexities that are involved in the constantly moving variables of covert, mobile surveillance(subrosa) and we take pride in that we are considered the best in the business and are the preferred vendor for our clients.

We continually update the surveillance manual that Archangel’s subrosa investigators must read, understand and comply with to maintain best practices. This mandatory compliance to the standards of the manual ensure impactful results and that all video evidence will be obtained in an ethical and legal manner, free of invasion of privacy concerns.  We do not believe in short cuts to obtain successful results as we carefully conduct research prior to each and all subrosa fieldwork.